COHDA 2014

The Conference on Education
and Human Development in Asia

Hiroshima, Japan

The 2014 Conference on Education and Human Development in Asia has finished.
We deeply thank everyone who attended.

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Change, Continuity and Diversity: Perspectives on Sustainability for Asia


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In an increasingly globalized Asia, the economic, industrial and political developments among the nations that are located within the continent have brought about dramatic social change. Within a span of just over a century, Asia has been a major site of colonialism and decolonization, global warfare, political upheaval and regime change, the rise of new nations, ongoing ethnic and religious conflict, economic boom and recession, population explosion, cultural diasporas, viral epidemics, technological advancement, and severe environmental pollution and disasters.

While commentators and analysts have recognized the vast changes that have shaped the Asian continent, it is also crucial to understand the continuities that are maintained even in the face of such impetus for change. Apart from change, what  constants still resist change? In addition, what factors contribute to such ongoing resilience? Although it may be argued that the forces of globalization and development have set in motion a number of positive changes in the ways we live our lives, this has also been counterbalanced by the continuities of inequality and suffering of many others. The tide of change often exists in a state of tension with the forces of continuity. Hence, in order for us to comprehend the forces of change, we must also engage other opposing forces.

At the same time, attempts to mediate the tension between change and continuity have given rise to growing diversities. Driven partly by the forces of migration within a global economic order often guided by transnational markets of production or consumption, new political and social-cultural fragmentations and intersections within nation-states in Asia have emerged. In the face of such developments, the implications of and challenges to efforts at sustainability are numerous. While it is increasingly recognized that sustainability entails dimensions far beyond the ecological sphere, the next step is to examine and understand the impact of change and continuity and the resultant diversities that are contained within.

Change, Continuity and Diversity: Perspectives on Sustainability for Asia seeks to explore such issues and their links to the notion of sustainability through the combined and holistic lenses of an interdisciplinary approach.

Taking into account the wider themes of Change, Continuity and Diversity, the conference will focus on the following sub-themes:

Areas of Human Development

  • Population and Aging
  • Healthcare and Social Support
  • Politics and Conflict
  • Inequality and Justice
  • Gender and Culture
  • Migration and Identity
  • Environment and Technology
  • Economy and Sustainability



COHDA 2014 Featured Presentation by Mr Isao Aratani: An A-Bomb Survivor’s Story

Isao Aratani (COHDA 2013 Featured Presentation by A-bomb Survivor)Isao Aratani (COHDA 2013 Featured Presentation by A-bomb Survivor)

In a special COHDA presentation, Mr. Isao Aratani, an A-Bomb survivor, will discuss his life and the horrific events he witnessed on August 6, 1945, when Hiroshima was subjected to the world’s first atomic bombing.

Mr. Aratani was born in Hiroshima in 1931. He was exposed to the bombing at the East Drill Ground, 2.2 km from the hypocenter when he was a second-year student at Second Hiroshima Prefectural Hiroshima Junior High School. After graduating from university, he began working as a chemist at a paint company. For much of his life, Mr. Aratani has never told his story; however, after moving back to Hiroshima at the age of 69, he decided to share his story in the hopes that future generations will learn the horror of wars and embrace peace for eternity.



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COHDA 2014 Advisers

Gabriel Barhaim, PhD
Professor and Senior Research Fellow
Sociological Institute for the Study of Communities
Bar Il-lan University, Israel
Matthew Krystal, PhD
Department of Sociology & Anthropology
North Central College
Naperville, USA
Professor John Latzo
Division of Humanities & Social Sciences
Pohang University of Science & Technology
Pohang, Republic of Korea
Valeria Markova, PhD
School of Management
California Lutheran University
Los Angeles, USA
  Professor Gregory Johnson
Faculty of Social Sciences
Nihon University
Tokyo, Japan
Professor John Stayton
Venture Greenhouse
Dominican University of California
San Francisco, USA
Bhimaraya A Metri, PhD
Academic Dean
International Management Institute
New Delhi, India
Scott Valentine, PhD
Dept of Public Policy & School of Energy and Environment
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong (SAR), PRC


Hiroshima Peace Park Praying for Peace

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